Tracking Conversions

How Does It Work

Keitaro is able to get postbacks from CPA-networks and calculate conversion of streams and sources. To start receiving postback you should previously to enable the option “Track conversions” in the group settings.

After that each visitor will receive a unique id (subid). This subid must be passed to CPA by using macro “{subid}” in the affiliate URLs (at the streams), for example,{subid}.

Then configure Postback URL so that subid come back to Keitaro. In addition, the values profit and status are passed. Any other parameters which were passed will also be seen in detailed view of the sale.

Enabling Tracking Conversions and Postbacks

Go to “Operations > Postbacks”.

Choose your CPA-network from the list of presets or set “manual”.

You will see the instructions about CPA URL's settings. If it will not appear, you can look for instructions about passing subid on the CPA's website.

Paste this URL in Postback's settings at the website of CPA-network.

Postback Settings

  • subid — a visitor's id which was generated by Keitaro (required)
  • profit — the amount of your income
  • status — the sale status
  • accept — the list of statuses with proof of payment (for example, &accept=confirmed,approved).

The values of other parameters which were passed you can see when you click on a line in the table “Sales”.

Example of Enabling Postbacks

CPA-network receives subid through the parameter “sa”. URL for the stream will be look like:{subid}, where {subid} - is a macro that will substitute the value subid.

On the page “Operations/Postbacks” choose CityAds from a list of presets. Copy “Postback URL”.

In your account at the CPA website open the page “Conversion Postback”, press “Create”. Paste URL which you copied earlier in “Postback URL” and tick the boxes with all parameters.

Now CPA-network will send notifications about sales to Keitaro. You can see them at the page “Statistics/Sales”.

Passing the Additional SubId

Pass your subid through a parameter sub_id_1,

In CPA-network's URLs use a macro {sub_id_1}, do not delete {subid} —{subid}:{sub_id_1}.

Read more about the additional parameters on the page Passing Parameters.

No Sales Received?

Check the log /var/log/postbacks.log, all sending postback-requests are stored in it.