Keitaro TDS Installation

Step 1: Server Configuration

You should see compatibility list. Please install required extensions if they are missed.

Step 2: License Key

Enter key of your license and press “Check”. Make sure that your license is not expired and IP of server is coincided.

Steps 3-4: Unpacking Files

On this step the installer will download and unpack the latest version of Keitaro TDS.

Steps 5-6: External DBs

The installer will download external databases, such as bots.dat, Geo's and ISP providers.

Step 7: Connection to MySQL

Enter database name, username and password. Make sure that user has permission to the database.

Step 8: Importing Database Structure and Data

On this step your database will be updated with new tables and some imported data.

Step 9: Authorization

Then you must set login and password to log in the control panel.

Extra URL is used to redirect visitors when they come to domain of TDS without group ( not

Step 10: Cron Task

Add a new task to crontab of your server. If you use a shared hosting or any server control panel go to Schedules page and add a new schedule.

Additional information and examples at this page.

Step 11: Installation Complete

You can go to the control panel and log in.