Geo Databases

Keitaro TDS provides support for Maxmind and Sypex databases including Lite-version and full version.

How to Install Maxmind GeoIP Full

  • Buy a license for GeoIP City
  • Download the database in “Binary” format and unpack it.
  • Upload the file GeoIPCity.dat to directory /var/geoip/
  • If you've done everything correctly, “Maxmind Geo IP Full” will be active at the settings.
  • Select “Maxmind Full” on page “Settings”.

Automatic updates from TDS are not provided.

How to Install Sypex Geo City

  1. Buy a license for Sypex Geo City;
  2. In the settings write a license key for “Sypex Geo City”. After saving the database will be automatically loaded;
  3. Choose from a Geo databases list - “Sypex Geo City Full”.

You can update the database on the page “Updates/External DBs”.

Manually Updating the Database GeoIP Lite