• URL of stream + is not respond. The page status of the stream will be checked. The page is unavailable when it has 400-503 status, for example, 404 or 503.
  • Another URL + [Page URL] + is not respond. The page URL will be checked like in the previous rule.
  • URL of stream + detected by anti-viruses. URL will be checked if it's in an antivirus databases through scanner-services. If you choose a condition “is not contain” services will check code of the page (not URL) through anti-viruses.
  • Another URL + [URL] + is not respond. Like in a previous rule but only URL will be checked.
  • URL of stream + always. Perform the action each time when the rule runs (by interval).


  • Disable stream. The stream will be disabled and the traffic will stop to go through it.
  • Grab a new URL from page. Like an action “REMOTE” TDS collect a new URL from a specified address (rotator).
  • Replace to. Replace a domain in a current URL of the stream (if the list of domains is set) or replace the entire URL (if it's a list of URLs).

If the condition “Enable if condition is not met” is set, then a stream will become active again if the page returns 200 status.


The interval between the triggering of the rule. The minimum interval is limited by the frequency of running cron.php in your task scheduler.


Every change which was made through the monitoring is stored in history. If you want to see the history click on the link “History” in the streams table at the line of the stream.

Services for Checking in the Anti-virus Software

At the moment this service is available: Buy a license and write it in the settings page at TDS.

In the config application/config/config.ini you can set in which anti-virus software perform the check.

Configure the Rotator

If you want to take a link from the rotator: choose a condition 'URL of stream' - 'always', an action 'Grab a new URL from page' then paste a rotator address (or api of an affiliate offer).

URL from a rotator will be substituted each interval.